Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Visual: more coded pages

Began incorporating the new style guide to the coded pages: | username: lizlemon | password: lemonliz

Friday, January 30, 2015

Visual Design: Final Semester To-Do List

Final Deliverables:
  • For Seven Days Style Guide which includes identity guideline, color palette, typefaces, templates for main pages
  • All the pages designed and coded
  • For Seven Days - Thesis Book
  • For Seven Days - Keynote 
  • For Seven Days - Proof Of Concept Video

Week 01
  • Introducing thesis project to class
  • Make a 15-weeks plan for the rest of the semester
Week 02
  • Create For Seven Days Style Guide
Week 03
  • Redesign Homepage - move all the sign-up / sign-in to one section, have "featured" challenges on the homepage, introduction on how to use the site (put POC video on it? Have a step by step guide?)
Week 04
  • Redesign Categories & Challenges pages - combine them both together and maybe use a filtering system for each category
Week 05
  • Redesign User Dashboard - have all the "check-in" related tasks on the left, have filtering system for the newsfeed where user is given option to view stories shared by his/her friends or stories shared by people who're taking the same challenge as him/her. 
Week 06
  • Design new feature where users are allowed to start a private challenge together with their own friends
Week 07
  • Finalise all the main pages, do several user testing on Invision and revise
Week 08
  • Start working on Proof of Concept video
Week 09
  • Finalise Proof of Concept video
  • Start working on Keynote slides
Week 10
  • Finalise Keynote slides
  • Prepare speech for Final Presentation
Week 11
  • Final Thesis Book!!
  • Compiling GDS journal for ALL GDS classes
Week 12
  • Assuming I'm presenting this week.. if not.. continue working on preparing for Final Presentation
Week 13
  • Assuming I'm presenting this week.. if not.. continue working on preparing for Final Presentation
Week 14
  • Assuming I'm presenting this week.. if not.. continue working on preparing for Final Presentation
Week 15
  • Party and crying time cos school is officially over! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Responsive 02 & CMS : Final Semester To-Do List

Week 1 - 3
  • Have all tables for database mapped out – users, check-in, challenges, stories (posts) and then build them on MYSQL
  • Create a new homepage! 
  • DELIVERABLES: Homepage, Database Tables on MYSQL
Week 4 - 6
  • Get the Challenge page coded where users are allowed to share stories on it with working database (PHP & MYSQL)
  • DELIVERABLES: Explore page
Week 7 - 9
  • Get the Profile Page and Dashboard coded with working database (PHP & MYSQL)
  • Users are able to check-in for seven days (PHP & MYSQL)
  • DELIVERABLES: Dashboard, Profile, Check-In system is working
Week 10 - 12
  • Finalise all the pages and do several user testing to make sure all the important pages (features) are working properly
  • DELIVERABLES: All pages coded and are fully functional
Week 12 - 15
  • Getting ready for Final Presentation
Latest visual prototype on Invision can be seen [here].

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Responsive: Final

What's working:
• Sign-in / Sign-up / Sign out
• Take challenge (and store in MySQL database)
• Checkin (and store in MySQL database)

Next issues to tackle:
• Have unique user profile URL
• Have whatever stories/posts shared by users to be posted on challenge page
• Adding friends

Monday, November 17, 2014

UX: Wireframes & User Testing Result

Paper Prototype User Testing Results:
• Change the word “Challenges” to “Explore” - The reason being users keep on clicking on “Challenges” every time there’s a challenge-related task (which basically is all tasks). 
• Users find it hard to “check in” - Again, they keep coming back to “Challenges” page.
• Set the homepage to dashboard after they’re signed in.
• Have the icons on the check-board to be clickable - Tyler suggested to have the posts on each day be shown when it’s clicked.
• Have animated progression on the check-board - The bold line on the shape seems to confuse users. • Have the daily check-board on the dashboard too.
• Have the option to “check in” on both the challenge page and profile page.
• Have the option to post something on both the challenge page and profile page.
• Have “view previous achievements” on both dashboard and profile page.
• After notification appears, immediately shows the pop-up box or have a button for user to click on. • • “Have you done it today?” changes to “Did you finish your challenge today?” and replace the “+” sign with “Post something”.

Digital Prototype User Testing Results:
• Trouble finding “posts/stories by others” on the Challenge page.
• Put the “posts/stories” first instead of “challengers”. 
• After the user is taking the challenge, when they go to that Challenge page, the first thing they see should be the posts/stories instead and remove the “Take this challenge” button 
• “Sign-up” button is way too far
• Users don’t know where they are on the page. Highlight it and make it NOT clickable.
• Users don’t know that they can only take one challenge at a time - Have a page on “How to use this site”??? 
• User clicks on the icons on the header (??) instead of the buttons down there. Maybe remove the icons on the header and have the buttons below. 
• The font (Abril Fatface) is too dominating and they’re indicating different things (types of messages) on different pages - Homepage, Dashboard, Profile, Challenges. On some page it’s “promotion” - on some page it’s the challenge. “You’re over-designing it.” - Tim Johnson.

Here are the links to my wireframes for paper prototype testing:

To give you a better understanding of the results from the UX testing, here are some of the visible changes made on a couple of main pages: